We invented COOP ADVERTISING in 2003 and are still Nr. 1!

Do you want MORE TRAFFIC?
Do you want more sales or leads?
What you need is ADVERTISING!

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Advertising is the soul of trading.

You may have built the most beautiful site on the Net
. It might be so good that everyone visiting it will go for what it offers (sale or lead). Cool. But all this is useless if not enough people sees it.

After spending a lot of effort and money to build a nice and effective website you can't expect to make money out of it without investing on advertising.

Basically, a hugly site that receives one million visitors will make more money than a nice one that only receives one thousand!


The system is quite simple: we buy large quantities of traffic with big discounts from hundreds of different traffic exchanges then sell back to our members in smaller packages.
Thus instead of buying hits from a large number of different traffic exchange sites, you only buy from us. We will deliver the hits originating from 200+ of different traffic exchanges - including the biggest ones, assuring to your website(s) a big score of quality visitors.

This way you save time and money: no need to look for and test dozens of different traffic exchanges, no risk of spending money on exchanges that need ages to deliver an handful of hits or that do it very quickly only thanks to cheaters that use robots. No risk to buy advertising today and see the site you bought it from disappear tomorrow! (...that happens much more often than you may think).

We do the job (and take the risks!) for you by constantly testing and monitoring traffic exchanges.

The advertising units you can buy from us are called 'Positions'.

Each Position equals 2,500 credits.
1 credit = 1 manual hit
1 credit = 100 banner impressions (standard 468x60 banners)

1 Position (2,500 hits) U$ 14.50
4 Positions (10,000 hits) U$ 49.00
10 Positions (25,000 hits) U$ 119.00
50 Positions (125,000 hits) U$ 550.00
100 Positions (250,000 hits) U$ 999.00
200 Positions (500,000 hits) U$ 1,950.00

You can buy Positions from the member area.
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Of course you may cancel your account at any time - even one minute after joining and your email address will not be sold to anyone and you won't be bothered by emails all the time - not even from us.

What makes us better than others?

1. We deliver genuine hits: breathing people will visit your site. NO robot generated hits. NO popups that you'll never know if your site was seen by someone or terminated by a popup-killer. NO autohits. NO hoversurfs. NO clicking farms...
...and also NO safelists, PTC and similar, where people just open many websites in fast sequence and shut them even faster.

2. If you convert credits to banner impressions , your banner(s) will be shown on THOUSANDS of websites all across the Intenet.

3. You can check your (live) stats. Even thought it should be obvious,
most coops don't offer this feature!

4. If for some reason you pause your campaign at any time, you will be able to resume it whenever you want - even after months or years. Hits do not expire.

5. (and earlier is been serving milions of hits since early year 2003. We invented the Traffic Coop concept, one that many have been trying to copy... unsuccessfully!
In fact, there are some little secrets behind OUR success, one of those being hard work.
This is the reason why we still lead the pack and why we may still offer the best price value on the Net.

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or else...


* About China-free: monitoring manual traffic exchanges we had a percentage of members
of the People's Republic of China that cheated of over 90%. In addition most of so-called CLICK FARMS are based in the P.R.C.
To avoid using exchanges that take serious steps against Chinese (and other) cheaters is not
a form of racism, it is just a way to protect the investment that our members make on

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